Practical guidance from LD HQ about the Israel/Hamas conflict

23 Feb 2024

All political parties are dealing with cases of antisemitism at the moment, largely as a result of people posting or sharing content online.
Some cases are clearly driven by racist intent. But others come from people using language without enough care, sensitivity and understanding.
The events in Gaza and Israel over the past few months have been traumatic for Jewish, Palestinian, Muslim and other communities, in the region, and in our country too. People feel strongly about what is happening.
Our party’s official position is to call for an immediate bilateral ceasefire. We were the first to call for this in the UK.
If you are commenting online about this issue, please make sure you are being sensitive with your language.
It is worth listening carefully to what Ed, Layla and our Parliamentary team are saying: they are getting this right.
Here is what Ed has said on BBC News.
And here is what Layla has said in Parliament.
There are some simple rules to follow:

Do not equate the actions of a government, an organisation or a state with all Jews or all Muslims.

Do not draw comparisons with the Nazis. Do not promote conspiracy theories.
Our party's official definition of Antisemitism is here:
Our party's official definition of Islamophobia is here:
And if you - or any party member you know - is struggling, please remember our 24/7 well-being helpline is available to all party members here: